• Tamper envidence bags
  • Tamper envidence bags
  • Tamper envidence bags
  • Tamper envidence bags
  • Tamper envidence bags
  • Tamper envidence bags
  • Tamper envidence bags
  • Tamper envidence bags
  • Tamper envidence bags
  • Tamper envidence bags
  • Tamper envidence bags
  • Tamper envidence bags

FENGQI Tamper-Evidence Bags - High security bags to keep your belongings safe

Applicable objects are law enforcement departments (court system.public security, police system, market supervision, customs system, etc.), banks.jewelry industry, Treasury, airport duty-free shops, express logistics, personnel department archives management department,security management department, etc


Design/Printing  Accept Customzied Requests
Color Transparent/Opaque
Logo Accept Customized Logo Printing
Feature tamper proof / waterproof /heat evident
Printing Accepted Customized Printing
OEM Accepted Customized
Feature Water-proof, recyclable
Moq 10000 Pieces

FENGQI's tamper-resistant bags are constructed with visible tamper-resistant features that clearly indicate whether the bag has been opened or tampered with during shipping. These bags provide an extra layer of protection for sensitive documents, evidence, cash, and other valuables. Our tamper-evident bags are available in a variety of sizes and styles to meet your specific needs. They are made from durable materials and feature a strong adhesive closure for extra security. Whether you need to securely store cash deposits, transport evidence, or protect important documents, FENGQI's tamper-resistant bags are your trustworthy choice.

FENGQI Tamper-Evidence Bags: The highest level of security, unrivaled protection.

In today's fast-moving logistics and security environment, keeping your valuables and sensitive documents safe is crucial. FENGQI's tamper-resistant bags are designed to provide unparalleled security and protection to meet your high security needs.

Obvious Tamper-Resistant Features
Each FENGQI tamper-proof bag is equipped with obvious tamper detection features that cannot be hidden once opened or tampered with.

Wide range of applications
Suitable for securely storing cash, transporting important documents, protecting evidence and valuables.

Durable Material
Our tamper-evident bags are made of durable material that is tear-resistant and durable.

Adhesive Closure
Strong adhesive closure ensures the bag is tightly closed, preventing any unauthorized access.

Multiple Sizes And Styles
No matter what you need to store, transport or protect, we have the right size and style of tamper-evident bags.

Choosing FENGQI Tamper-Evidence Bags means choosing peace of mind and trust. No matter what security challenge you face, our tamper-evident bags provide you with the highest level of protection, ensuring your belongings arrive at their destination intact.

Our Service Advantages


Our products come in sturdy packaging to ensure no damage during transportation. Packaging materials are carefully selected to provide optimal protection.

We offer a variety of delivery options to meet our customers' needs. You can choose standard delivery or expedited express delivery, specific delivery methods and fees will be provided at the time of order.

Supply Ability
Our supply capacity is very strong. We have modern production equipment and a professional team that can meet the needs of orders of all sizes. Whether you need a bulk order or a small batch order, we can accommodate your requirements.

Lead Time
The lead time for a product usually depends on the size of the order and specific requirements. We will arrange production as soon as possible after order confirmation and provide an estimated delivery date. If you have urgent needs, we also offer rush order options to ensure timely delivery.


Who are we? 
We are FENGQI - a professional logistics packaging solution provider.

How can we guarantee quality? 
We guarantee product quality by selecting high-quality materials, strict quality control and continuous improvement.

What can you buy from us? 
You can buy a variety of logistics packaging products, including tamper-evident bags, shipping list envelopes, sealing tape, bubble envelopes, and more.

Why should you buy from us not from other suppliers? 
Choose us, you will enjoy high quality, diversity, professional service and customer satisfaction guarantee.

What services can we provide? 
We provide services such as custom design, bulk purchasing, timely delivery and technical support to meet your needs.
  • Tamper envidence bags
  • Tamper envidence bags
  • Tamper envidence bags
  • Tamper envidence bags
  • Tamper envidence bags
  • Tamper envidence bags
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