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What's Special about Security Courier Bags

Courier bags are now needed by more and more courier companies. You will find different mailing bag manufacturers or products. There are also many types of courier bags, with different appearances, colors, sizes, and materials, but with such changes, the courier bags you need have the following characteristics:

1.Security courier bags need to have load-bearing capacity and explosion-proof edges

The function of a bag is to be used to hold things, so the load-bearing capacity must be the most basic characteristic of a safe express bag. Explosion-proof edge means to prevent the seam of the bag from cracking in the process of transportation. Its function is to protect the privacy of the product and prevent it being exposed outside.

2.Courier bags need to be sticky and waterproof

When receiving the courier and tearing open the courier bag, you will definitely find that it is extremely difficult to damage, which reflects its stickiness. And its edge sealing generally uses hot melt glue. The edge sealing of the bags is very important, so as to ensure that the items can be safely packed in the security courier bags and will not fall out.

In the process of logistics and distribution, it is inevitable to encounter cloudy and rainy conditions, and if the courier is in the delivery, the express bag is not waterproof, the product will get wet, which will cause bad reviews and complaints from customers, which is not conducive to the development of express delivery industry.

3.The toughness of the security courier bags

A high-quality security courier bag is not easy to damage, at least it must be pulled outwards with a lot of force to reflect the quality of the express bag. Its material is made of new materials, and its production process is all based on a specific ratio and eager temperature. Perfect and rigorous craftsmanship can make high-quality express bag products.

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