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The Application Field of Security Tamper Evident Bag

The security tamper evident bag or courier bag has a serrated lining on its adhesive seal, which cannot be resealed if it breaks and is easily noticed by consumers. This makes these bags particularly suitable for situations where theft or tampering is a problem. The application areas of tamper proof bags are as follows:

1.The application of tamper proof bags in banks or other financial institutions

Banks and other financial institutions use tamper proof bags to protect banknotes and important documents. They are used wisely during transportation from bank branches and from one branch to another.

2.The application of tamper proof bags in forensic medicine

Police and criminal investigators use security tamper evident bag to store evidence and send it safely to the forensic laboratory. There are three-layer, five-layer and safer varieties of express bags. Police officials use the highest-level security bags.

3.Application of tamper proof bags in e-commerce

E-commerce companies often face the problem of tampering with their products during transportation. In some cases, the final buyer received rocks and marble slabs instead of mobile phones. To avoid this situation and track who actually tampered with the product, e-commerce companies are now beginning to use security tamper evident bags.

4.The application of tamper proof bags in school examinations

The school will use a security tamper evident bag to store and send the test papers to the appropriate location for inspection. A certain degree of security is required to protect the test paper from tampering.

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