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What is packing list envelope? What are its uses and characteristics?

When it comes to packing list envelope there are actually a lot of people who don't know what it is. In fact, the packing list envelope is a kind of bag, its back is with a certain amount of glue, can be pasted on top of any object. Currently used mainly in the courier and logistics industry. packing list envelopes are currently used in the courier more and more widely, the following we will come together to understand some of the knowledge about the backed bags.

1.the concept of packing list envelope

We need to know is the back of the bag material is mainly which, in fact, is mainly by the pe or pp material called, after the back of the bag with self-adhesive bags on the back of the bag.

2.the use of packing list envelopes

Speaking of the use of packing list envelopes, mainly used in express delivery. The main role is to play a transit invoice in the transportation of products, security data shipments, in logistics and express delivery and other industries are widely used. The back of this packing list envelopes is self-adhesive, this glue is called self-adhesive, is very convenient. It can be stuck on top of any object. So it is very convenient in use. The closure of the packing list envelopes can be made into a sealed form. So there is no need to worry about the safety.

3.the characteristics of packing list envelopes

Because the back of the packing list envelopes is a certain coating of glue, so we can rest assured that the use of this packing list envelopes can be pasted on the top of almost any object. And there is another advantage is that it can put dust and waterproof, in the hygiene problem is also more qualified, the important point is that this kind of packing list envelopes can guarantee the safety of the object.

It can be seen that the performance of the packing list envelopes is still very superior, and now in the courier industry, this bag must be indispensable, for the courier industry to bring great advantages.

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